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THX bridges the gap between the artistic and entertainment communities by providing the engineering know-how to develop superior audio and video products and venues.


THX engineering refers to the audio and video standards developed by THX Ltd., a company founded by George Lucas in 1983. THX engineering is designed to ensure that movies and music are reproduced with the highest quality possible, and that they are experienced in the way that the creators intended.

It covers a wide range of areas, including acoustics, audio equipment, video equipment, and room design. The engineers work closely with equipment manufacturers to develop products that meet the company standards, and they also work with movie studios and music producers to ensure that their content is mixed and mastered to specifications.

Some of the key features of THX engineering include high-quality sound reproduction, accurate colour reproduction, and immersive surround sound. The engineers also focus on creating an optimal listening and viewing environment, with considerations such as room acoustics and speaker placement.

Overall, they are focused on delivering the best possible audio and video experience to consumers, and it has become a widely recognised standard in the entertainment industry.

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