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Tips on Caring for Your Stage CurtainsKeeping your stage curtains in good condition and looking great is an important concern. Without proper care and maintenance, you’ll find that your curtains are dusty, wrinkled and ugly. That is certainly not a good option for providing your audience with the experience they deserve, and you’ll find that poorly maintained curtains can also pose a safety hazard. How do you care for your stage curtains?

Storing Your Stage Curtains

Eventually, your stage curtains will have to come down and go into storage. Whether you’re changing the set or changing the look for the season, you need to ensure that you store your stage curtains properly. Improperly stored curtains will be very wrinkled, and they can also be subject to mould growth.

When storing your stage curtains, make sure that you store them in a canvas hamper or bag – never use plastic. Plastic prevents the fabric from breathing, and can also hold in moisture that will lead to mould and mildew on your curtains.

To properly store your curtains, fold the curtains along their width and then roll them up for the entire length. This helps to minimize wrinkles in the fabric and ensure that you don’t have trouble when you put them back up. Store them in an area with plenty of ventilation to avoid mildew and mustiness.


Periodically, you should inspect your stage curtains for holes, tears, stains and other problems. If you notice tears in the fabric, have them repaired immediately, prior to cleaning them.

Dust Accumulation

No matter how well maintained your facility might be, your stage curtains are going to gather dust. Removing dust helps maintain your curtains and keep them looking pristine. However, dusting can be difficult. If your curtains have a nap, make sure you use a brush with soft bristles to remove accumulated dust. You’ll need to brush the face of the fabric twice, once against the nap and once with it. Make sure to brush the inside of any pleats on the fabric, as well. For fabrics with brushed surfaces (velour) or those with smooth faces (muslin or satin), one brushing will suffice.

Cleaning Tips

While your stage curtains will look good with regular maintenance and dusting, there will be times that they need to be cleaned. If your curtains have a flame retardant application, they’ll need to be cleaned professionally to ensure that the flame retardant chemical or application is not damaged. If you have an inherently flame retardant fabric (synthetic material), they can be laundered through conventional methods (home washing, for instance), though it might be best to have them professionally cleaned simply due to their size.

Dealing with Wrinkles

Surprisingly, dealing with wrinkles in your stage curtains is relatively simple. To remove wrinkles from storing your curtains, hang them a few days prior to your first performance. This will give the fabric time to stretch, which will eliminate most of the wrinkles. Brushing your stage curtains can also help rid them of wrinkles (if you don’t have time to allow the wrinkles to come out through hanging).

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Tips on Caring for Your Stage Curtains

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