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Last week, Specialty started talking about upgrading a movie theatre’s common area lighting to save on energy consumption. We have successfully covered points to remember on exterior lighting upgrades so now we can move on to upgrading a movie theatre’s common area lighting to LED.

upgrading a movie theatre's common area lighting

A movie theatre’s common area is also liable for a very high electricity consumption. There we have the ticket booth with its computer and all, there’s the popcorn machine, beverage chiller, and dispenser plus a lot more energy consuming appliance. So if you have the option to save on anything, you should definitely do so.

Lobby Lighting

Not just in cinemas but almost all lobbies have very high ceiling and a majority of the light fixtures are still recessed can type. Not only are these light emitting but also a bit hard to replace. Hence replacing these light with long lifespan LED lights is the best way to go. Not only will they let you cut cost but you can also save you time and effort not having to replace a busted light bulb every few weeks.

Concession Area

On food preparation area, T8 troffers with coated glass lamps are commonly used. If you are looking into replacing them with LED, you can use the ones with a plastic housing and lens. They will work as good as glass lamps as LED doesn’t emit heat. Linear LED is also a very viable option. Remember though to choose high quality LED products and always put your cinema safety first above all.

Hallway Lighting

Like in the lobby area, hallways usually have canned lighting fixtures.  A highly suggested replacement is the linear LED that can be installed on each upper corners of the hallway ceiling. Not only will it provide a thorough lighting throughout your hall but it will also add a more modern look.

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