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So Cinema screen probably is one of the major factors of a great cinema watching experience. This being said, let us tell you more why and how should you clean your cinema screens.

Clean Your Cinema Screens

How clean are your cinema screens?

After years of use, your cinema display screens can become dirty and dull – resulting in a less-than-optimal viewing experience for your paying customers.

Your screens should be cleaned regularly
to avoid the build-up of dust, contaminants, and stains over time, which can compromise the optical characteristics of your screen and diminish its brightness by up to 50%.

Regular cleaning is proven to make a difference in both screen longevity and image quality. After a thorough clean, matte and pearl screens typically measure a 10 to 30% increase in both luminance and gain, which improve brightness.

But be careful how you clean your movie screens. Certain chemicals and detergents may damage the surface coating, or leave a streaky finish.

We’ve created a 7-­step screen cleaning process using our “specialty” formula that is both safe and effective (when performed by a trained professional using the required equipment):

1.     Set up: plastic covers, speaker protectors, and scaffold if required

2.     Rinse the screen surface with water using a low pressure, low volume spray

3.     Wash screen with special soap/detergent mixture using the low pressure-volume system

4.     Repeat rinsing in step 2

5.     Spray screen with special cleaning compound/brightening agent with the low pressure-volume system

6.     Repeat rinsing in step 2

7.     Clean up all water; remove covers, protectors and scaffold

This YouTube video is a great example of the before and after results of a thorough cinema screen cleaning using our 7-step method.

A word of warning: the surface coatings on silver screens are too delicate for cleaning – only clean matte white and pearl cinema screens, and always work with a professional.

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