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The custom 3D cinema screen measured a whopping 18m X 10m and weighed almost 300 kg.  It came packed in a 10.5m double cardboard tube enclosed in an 11m wooden shipping crate that required a semi-trailer to deliver to the site.

3d cinema screen

3D Cinema Screens – About

The custom 3D cinema screen had lacing ties on the top and each side and a pocket sewn in the bottom for a standard theatrical pipe batten.  The top of the screen is attached to a 12m length of stage truss and lifted or “flown” from one of the theatre’s many manual lines.  The ties on the side allowed for side tension to help flatten the screen surface and reduce movement.

Marina Bay Sands purchased the screen for all the theatres to show 3D movies in addition to the many exciting stage performances regularly held at the venue.

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