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On behalf of Civic Theatre, Sandra & I would like to express our sincere appreciation for the way you strived to achieve this outcome.

Civic Theatre

Local Government can be a challenge for anyone but your professional approach ensured that they could proceed with the confidence that Specialty Theatre will deliver the best outcome within the constraints of a very political budget line.

From the time you first introduced yourself, I was impressed by your relaxed approach and genuine interest in our theatre. Your advice, knowledge and help have been much appreciated, as was the visit from Neil Wood.

Who Are Civic Theatre?

Civic Theatre is a type of performing arts venue that serves as a centre for cultural and social activities in a community. It typically hosts a range of events including theatre productions, music concerts, dance performances, and other live performances. The primary purpose of a Civic Theatre is to provide a platform for artists to showcase their talent and engage with audiences. It often plays a vital role in promoting local cultural heritage and community identity. Civic Theatre may also offer educational programs, workshops, and classes to nurture talent and promote cultural exchange. They are an essential part of the social and cultural fabric of many communities worldwide.

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