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Complete range of theatre services

Speciality Theatre provides a full variety of theatre services, including initial design, planning, and installation, as well as theatre servicing and repairs. Our cast and crew add hundreds of years of theatre experience to every show.

Specialty Theatre can assist with any aspect of your theatre project.  We prefer to get involved early in a project so that we can assist the architect and theatre consultant with the best selection of theatre equipment, theatre rigging, theatre lighting, and acoustic design choices.

Why Are Services Important

Advice and Guidance: Throughout the production process, theatre services give professional advice and guidance. This comprises artistic direction, stage management, production design, and technical assistance. The experience and understanding of theatre service providers aid in the effective planning, organisation, and execution of productions.

Production Coordination: Theatre services help to coordinate different parts of a production, such as organising rehearsals, managing cast and crew, supervising set construction, and coordinating technical elements like lighting and sound. This coordination guarantees that all parties involved collaborate smoothly and efficiently.

Technical Assistance: Technical assistance is provided by theatre services in areas such as lighting design, sound engineering, stage rigging, and audio-visual equipment. These services ensure that technical pieces are installed, operated, and maintained correctly, resulting in high-quality performances with ideal visual and aural experiences for the audience.

Venue Management: Theatre services frequently involve venue management, which ensures that the performance area is well-maintained, safe, and equipped with appropriate equipment. This includes overseeing ticketing, audience services, front-of-house operations, and facility maintenance in order to create a welcoming and professional setting for both performers and audience members.

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Please “contact us” today to learn more about our comprehensive range of services in addition to our products. We look forwards to hearing from you and, without a doubt, exceeding your expectations on your next task! Please visit our local and international product pages on our current website to see some examples of our work. If theatre services are not exactly what you are looking for but cinema services are then check out Specialty Cinema. In short, they are have become a leading provider of cinema supplies and cinema fit-outs including acoustic wall curtains and acoustic panels, screen frames and screen surfaces, masking systems, and fire-rated projection ports.

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