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acoustic doors

Spartan Doors is an Australian owned manufacturer of high quality acoustic doors for cinemas and theatres.  Spartan acoustic doors for theatres significantly reduce the sound that escapes rehearsal spaces and performing arts spaces.

Spartan’s range includes a mix of standard doors and specialised doors. Standard doors range from fire and solid core doors for residential and commercial applications, to shed doors and industrial doors for industrial applications.

The more extensive specialised range begins with security doors, starting with the Bulwark 2000 ranging up to the very serious Bulwark 10K. Beyond security doors, Spartan can supply blast doors, bulletproof doors, cyclone proof doors, acoustic doors and many other types of industrial doors.

Some common applications for the specialised range would include, electricity substations, ammunition bunkers, strong rooms, LNG plants, power stations, police stations, and cinemas.

Spartan Doors also manufactures a wide range of fire rated doors and industrial doors that are used in the general building and construction work for a theatre and cinema.

Please feel free to contact us if you require acoustic doors for your theatrical venue or performance space.  We’d be delighted to help! We are also more then happy to answer any questions you may have about any Specialty Theatre products or services.