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If you have questions about ordering acoustic curtains for your venue in Sydney, NSW, please contact us at Specialty Theatre today.

Acoustic Curtains in Sydney, New South Wales

Used in a number of applications in Sydney, NSW, acoustic curtains sometimes referred soundproof curtains or sound-absorbing curtains are flexible fabric systems that are designed to absorb sound. At Specialty Theatre, we can supply you with the acoustic curtains you need for your venue, so you feel confident your sound absorption is maximised while maintaining the efficacy of your space.

Acoustic curtains are generally made of heavy-duty, flame-retardant fabrics and are specially designed and constructed to absorb sound.  They can be hung in a designated space or can be used with various track systems to afford greater flexibility than fixed-sound absorptive panels. In addition to their usefulness in recording studios, in rehearsal spaces, and on sound sets, acoustic curtains can also be used to cover window areas or divide spaces, or they can be arranged to cover hard or reflective surfaces.

At Specialty Theatre, we generally manufacture acoustic curtains from either wool serge or velvet velour, as the heavier nature of these fabrics provides the best acoustic results. If you prefer acoustic curtains that can be hung on a track, selection is based on the relevant application and is dependent on curtain size, weight and arrangement. Additionally, we recommend special care of acoustic curtains in Sydney, NSW to include only being cleaned with a vacuum cleaner or soft brush. Wet cleaning of flame-retardant material will compromise the fire resistance and must be avoided.

If you have questions about ordering acoustic curtains for your venue, please contact us at Specialty Theatre today for more information. You may also be interested in our stage and gauze scrims, masking curtains, church curtains, or backdrop curtains, depending upon the size and requirements of your venue.

Acoustic Curtains