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Art is immortal so to speak but keeping performing arts alive has been tough for theatres to do as other more advanced and accessible forms of viewing entertainment has stolen the scene for the past several years. That being said, theatre owners/ managers are finding it hard to keep a theatre running. Hence, we at Specialty Cinema would like to do our part in preserving a form of art that we have been inherited from our ancestors: Theatre Play. Aside from working with local community theatres in beautifying and maintaining their facilities, we have also put together a few fundraising ideas for community theatres to help with funding it’s operation and continuing an important artistic heritage.

Fundraising Ideas For Community TheatresBenefit Concert

Invite all willing performers to contribute a little of their time and performance for a benefit concert. Needless to say, since it is a benefit concert, performers wouldn’t be expecting a talent fee for their performance. Just ensure that they are provided with enough information on what the fundraising is for and how the money earned will be spent. It’s great if you can get a few famous and well-loved performers as that will definitely generate more ticket sales.

Fundraising Ideas For Community TheatresAuction Memorabilia

You can auction memorabilia from your most popular performances. Examples are costumes worn by the main characters, backdrops used on a play that can be displayed on homes, old posters signed by the whole cast or old props. As long as it came from an interesting play, there will always be a fan that can see these items as valuable. Same as with the benefit concert, ensure that the attendees are aware of how the proceeds of the auctions will be spent.

Fundraising Ideas For Community TheatresRent Ad Spaces

Approach local businesses and offer prime ad placements on your theatre for a fee. Come up with a formal letter explaining your intent and the fundraising mission/ vision. Businesses will be glad to get advertised and at the same time contribute to their community.

Fundraising Ideas For Community TheatresOpen Your Venue

Since theatre plays are not held on a daily basis, you can also have your venue available for other various events like business conferences, school programs, etc. You can put an ad in the local newspaper to let the public know that they can hold various event in your theatre and use your facilities by appointment for a certain rental fee. Just make sure that you have a set of rules that potential renters would be made aware of so your place will not be vandalized.

In line with this, you would also need to ensure that your theatre is always well maintained, have your theatre curtains regularly washed every couple of months or more frequently if you can afford it. See to it that you are also following safety rules for theatres for the safety of your guests as well as your establishment. To check out a conference we went to click here

If you need more professional advice and services for your community theatre, contact us today. Good luck with your fundraising!

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