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Masking Cinema Screens
Masking Cinema Screens

The name says it all, really.  Masking cinema screens with a top masking system is designed to partially mask or hide the top of a cinema screen. The purpose of masking a cinema screen is to create a clear or sharp edge to the projected image on the cinema screen.

At Specialty, we can design and manufacture systems for masking cinema screens to your precise requirements.  Top masking systems, for example, can be either fixed or adjustable.  Fixed top systems are permanently suspended, and are installed to cover just the right amount of screen.  Adjustable top masking systems are designed to be raised or lowered, depending on the specific aspect ratio required for the image being projected onto the screen.

Our systems for masking cinema screens are in use by many of the leading exhibitors all around the world including Hoyts, Village Cinemas, and Vox.

Because Specialty can also design and manufacture side and bottom masking systems, as well as offer a comprehensive service package including delivery, installation and ongoing maintenance, there’s no need to go anywhere else for your cinema masking system requirements.  Contact us to see how easy it is to give your cinema the face-lift it deserves.

Top Masking System Description:

  • Twill weave (non-tear) black velveteen festoon type curtain
  • Heavy duty accessories
  • Stainless steel cable reticulation
  • 5-6 pick ups (width dependent) for curtain
  • 3-phase or single phase motor with computerised control system
  • Available in 2-stop (scope and wide screen) and multi-stop for special applications

Bottom Cinema Masking

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