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Specialty Cinema is a leading supplier of side cinema masking system, which is designed and manufactured to our client’s precise specifications.

Cinema Masking
Cinema Masking

Side masking systems, which can be fixed or adjustable, are used to partially conceal either or both sides of the cinema screen. Speciality Cinema may give both, regardless of size or shape. We also distribute and install, so from concept to completion, you only need to remember one name.

Our systems for cinema masking are in use by many of the leading exhibitors all around the world including Hoyts, Village Cinemas, and Vox.

Fixed side maskings are permanently mounted and used to cover the required amount of screen, based on the projection methods of the cinema.  In most cases, fixed-side systems are used in conjunction with adjustable bottom and top masking systems. 

Top masking systems with adjustable levels can be opened or closed to whatever levels are required for the aspect ratio of the projected image. Contact Speciality theatre today to discover how we can help. Our team of technical specialists will be pleased to advise you on what is ideal for your theatre.

Side Cinema Masking System Description:

  • Black woollen curtain with an open weave (acoustically transparent).
  • Heavy duty ties and accessories
  • Reticulation of stainless steel cable
  • Curtain runners with glass reinforcement
  • Tails created to order to fit any picture size
  • Leading edge upholstered in 230mm wide velveteen (light absorbing)
  • 3-phase or single-phase motor with computer-controlled drive system
  • Available in two stops (scope and widescreen), three stops (scope, widescreen, and 16mm), and a multi-stop for specialised purposes.
  • A mini-single-phase motor is offered for attachment to a flyable track or masking.

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