Heavy Duty Stage Track, 5.8m lengths

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Heavy Duty Stage Track is a type of curtain track designed for use in theatrical or stage settings. It is made from durable materials like steel or aluminium and can support heavy curtains, backdrops, and scenery. These tracks are often motorized for ease of use and can be installed permanently or as a temporary rigging solution.

About This Product

The STS heavy-duty theatre track is made from premium quality, extruded aluminium to meet the highest standards and tolerances providing many years of maintenance-free operation. This professional-grade stage track can be curved to a radius of as small as 0.5m.

Though the track system is designed for use in the cinema and live theatre industries, it features many architectural/industrial applications, limited only by the user’s imagination. The track system operation can be hand-drawn, cord drawn or motorised.

The motor system can be optioned in many different ways – pending on speed, load capacities, drift or travel and the number of required stops/positions needed. STS075 track can be bent to suit your application.

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Heavy Duty Stage Track Brochure

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