Mule Blocks, 12 Series

Blocks for turning lift lines, 8″ and 12″ diameter.



Mule Blocks, 12 Series

  • Used to divert the cables around obstructions or change the direction of travel. • ASTM Class 30 grey iron sheave. • Tapered roller bearings. • Seven gauge side plates fully enclose the sheave.
  • Three gauges formed the channel base.
  • Four spacers between the side plates prevent cables from escaping the sheave grooves.
  • Mule blocks must be welded in place after final alignment – consult the factory for specific information.


What Is A Mule Block?

A mule block is a simple mechanical device used for lifting and moving heavy objects. It consists of a wooden or metal block with a hook attached to it, which is used to attach a rope or chain. The block has a grooved wheel through which the rope or chain passes, allowing it to be easily lifted and moved. The device is commonly used in construction, shipping, and other industries that require heavy lifting. Mule blocks are often used in combination with a pulley system, making it easier to lift objects vertically or horizontally. The term “mule” comes from the fact that the device is often used to move heavy objects as easily as a mule can pull a load.


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