STRATA® Orchestra Pit Filler


Custom-designed to fit the exact specifications of your orchestra pit, STRATA® Orchestra Pit Filler installs quickly and easily with a small crew. It provides incredibly strong support while it frees up an amazing amount of space below because of our innovative column-beam design. Our acoustically dampened decks fit snugly against your existing stage to create an integrated surface that is extremely quiet.


Extends your stage and creates valuable storage space

Performance Requirements

  • Connects to your existing stage with ease
  • Pre-assembled substructure components make setup fast and intuitive
  • Use of beams and bracing frees up a lot of open space below
  • Honeycomb deck construction acoustically dampens decks and quiets “drumhead” effect
  • Decks nestle side by side with existing stage to create an integrated surface that is extremely quiet


  • Available for stages as high as 10′ (3 m)
  • For stages over 10′, please contact your Wenger representative
  • Deck corners are constructed of glass-filled nylon to help eliminate sharp edges
  • Deck surface options: natural or painted tempered hardboard, and tongue and groove wood flooring
  • Simple deck-to-stage connections
  • Levelling feet on all columns
  • Basic system meets a uniform vertical load of 125 psf (57 kg.)
  • System can meet building code standards of L/360
  • Deck surface takes a point load of 500 lb. (227 kg.) on a 2″ (5 cm) caster without leaving permanent marks
  • Meets side load criteria of states with seismic loading requirements

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