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You may be a huge fan of theatre plays or you just found out that theatre companies are making banks in your area. Either way, here are the basic need-to-know when starting a theatre company.

1. Determine what type of theatre you are aiming for.

Starting A Theatre Company

Are you shooting for a community theatre wherein you can raise funds and do your community a service by promoting and developing local talents? Are you rooting for a profitable theatre company? You will need to have a complete vision of what you are aiming for. Once you have determined this, have a vision/ mission statement so potential audience/ members will know what to expect from your theatre.

Once you have your theatre’s mission/ vision, come up with your theatre name. It should encapsulate your vision at the same time unique from potential competitors.

2. Location and Audience Demographic

Starting A Theatre Company

Make sure you have the right location and audience demographic, an area where theatre plays are enjoyed and supported.

3. Start-Up Funds

Starting A Theatre Company

Get an estimate of the cost for starting up. Basic expenses include rent, renovation, set design, business permits and marketing funds. After you have determined this, you can now work on getting the funds you need.

4. Find the right board of directors/ managing officers

Starting A Theatre Company

There are basically four key people you need to run a theatre, they are

– Production manager – he/ she will be in charge of managing all the members of your production team from the director, scriptwriter, actors, and actresses

– Set manager – he/ she will be in charge of the venue especially the set designer, venue maintenance, etc.

– Marketing manager – this person needs to make sure that your theatre company and your production line up have enough publicity to attract your target audience market

– Finance and legal manager – in charge of the budget and all legal matters

5. Register your theatre

Starting A Theatre Company

Depending on the state you are in, submit the necessary requirements and obtain the needed permit to make your theatre legal. You can check this website on how you can register a company in Australia.  

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