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As in any type of art, theatre play has a lot of components that play a great role to its success. One primary component of a great play is its setting. For theatre sets, there are several variety of props that are commonly used, but one type of fabric holds a lot of purposes. Let’s take a look at the many uses of scrim in theatre sets.

uses of scrim in theatre sets
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What is Scrim?

A scrim is a type of fabric that at first seems to be opaque but once proper lighting is applied, magic! When you look closely, a scrim looks like a gauze. It comes in different types too, some scrims has really tiny mesh and some have large ones. Some are seamed and some are seamless.

uses of scrim in theatre sets

Uses of scrim in theatre sets 

  • Used for quick/ magic appearance effect (with 2 overlapping scrims)
  • Used for secret entrance
  • Used for shrinking and/ or enlarging optical illusion
  • Used for silhouette screens
  • Used for distance effect
  • Used as a frontal and/ or rear projection screen

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