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2011: Flemington Primary School: Acoustic Panels

Specialty Theatre (a division of Specialty Group Pty Ltd) installed large acoustic panels for the new multipurpose hall at Flemington Primary School.

Each 200KG panel is controlled by a Specialty Theatre designed and built winch system. From the press of a button the panels can be raised or lowered to darken the hall while maintaining the acoustic properties of the space.

Also supplied and installed by Specialty Theatre were the permanently mounted rear acoustic panels and stage curtains – including the main front of house curtain, side legs and rear traveller curtain. Each side leg is adjustable through the use of the new Specialty Rotary Leg Unit.

The successful delivery of this project was a testament to everyone involved!

Architect:  Tony Di Mase

Head Contractor:  Haddara Constructions Pty Ltd

School Principal:  Lesley McCarthy

If you would like to learn more about Specialty Theatres range of products and services please contact one of our experienced sales team members today! The above project is just one example of the type of projects we have been involved in. Since our establishment we have been involved in thousands of projects both here in Australia but also internationally in places like Singapore. 

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