Specialty Rotary Leg Unit


The Specialty Theatre Rotary Leg Unit is an innovative and practical product designed to add extra utility to the side leg curtains on stage.

Instead of being permanently fixed in place, the side leg curtains can be made adjustable by using the Specialty Rotary Leg Unit.

By simply pulling on the actuator cable the side leg can be spun to the desired position, and then releasing the actuator will lock the side leg in place.

This product was designed in-house by the team at Specialty Theatre and is an attractive option for anybody wanting to maximise the functionality of their performance space.

Rotary Leg Unit General Information

The Rotary Leg Unit (RLU) is a mechanism used in robotics and automation to provide rotary motion with precision and control. It consists of a motor-driven rotary joint and a leg mechanism that can support loads and move in different directions. RLUs are commonly used in industrial and research applications. Rotary leg units are mechanical devices that are used to convert linear motion into rotary motion, or vice versa. They consist of a motor or actuator, a threaded rod, and a linear guide or bearing. The motor drives the threaded rod, which in turn moves a load along the linear guide. The linear motion is then converted into rotary motion through a gearbox or other mechanism. Rotary leg units are commonly used in robotics, automation, and other applications where precise control of linear and rotary motion is necessary. They are highly customisable and can be tailored to meet specific requirements, such as speed, torque, and accuracy.


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