Helios Discharge Assymetrical Floodlight

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Helios floodlights (Helios Discharge Assymetrical Floodlight) have been designed to give an even, asymmetric beam of light – ideal for general or colour-wash illumination of walls, vertical displays and the like. A sprung colour frame is finger located and can be rapidly fitted in the front magazine.

The control gear for the helios flood is an electronic ballast. The 150W double-ended lamp is supported on two R7s lamp holdersĀ and the user is protected when changing the lamp by automatic ejection of the mains lead. The tempered front safety glass hinges forward with the front frame for lamp change.


Product Features

CCT Minuette Z0x4xD Floodlight RangeĀ 

Height (mm) = 300


Key features of the Helios range

  • 6000 hour long-life lamps with 70W or 150W lamp options
  • Daylight or Artificial lamp colour temperature options (3000K or 4000K)
  • Low operating temperatures and also low ultra-violet (UV) emissions
  • 100% controllable lighting, helping create subtle or dramatic effects
  • Minimal re-lamping and substantial operating & power costs


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