Helios Fresnel Spotlights 20-67deg

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Helios Fresnel Spotlights such as the Helios Fresnel Spotlights 20-67deg have a fixed borosilicate fresnel lens and the lamp chassis is externally adjustable for beam angle selection. Fresnel spotlights produce a soft-edged variable beam, particularly suitable for subtle three-dimensional modelling and highlighting. The variable beam angle of 20°-67° allows a wide choice of throw and beam dimensions. Barndoors & colour filters are available as accessories, the latter being available in an enormous colour range & enjoying almost indefinite life in these luminaires, due to the low heat output from the discharge lamp.


Product Features


CCT Helios Z0642D Fresnel (150W 12,000 lm)
Minimum angle Maximum angle
Peak Candela (cd) 27,000 Peak Candela (cd) 4,500
Beam Angle² (°) Beam Angle² (°)
Cut off angle³ (°) 20.0 Cut off angle³ (°) 67.0
Distance (m) 2 4 6 8 Distance (m) 2 4 6 8
Cut off dia (m) 0.71 1.41 2.12 2.82 Cut off dia (m) 2.63 5.30 7.94 10.59
Peak Illumination (lux) 5,969 1,492 663 373 Peak Illumination (lux) 1,125 281 125 70

Typical performance based on Arcstream 150W Metal halide discharge 6000hr 3000K 12,000 lumen
All photometric data given is indicative of typical performance only. Specifications and materials may be changed without prior notice.
¹ Field Angle: where intensity drops to 10% of peak lux
² Beam Angle: where intensity drops to 50% of peak lux
³ Cut off Angle: where intensity drops to zero of peak lux


Product Specifications


CCT Helios Z0642D Fresnel
Height¹ (mm) 264
Height² (mm) 150
Width (mm) 200
Depth (mm) 250
Weight (kg) 2.8

¹ Height of luminaire when in horizontal hanging position
² Height of luminaire excluding yoke


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