Helios Profile 6-14 Degree

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Helios Profile 26-45 Degree

Helios profile spotlights are available in three beam-angle models, based on the Minuette profile range.

Helios Profile spotlights can be tuned externally for ‘Peak’ or ‘Flat’ beam performance by adjusting the lamp within the reflector. In front of the lamp & reflector is a 50mm diameter gate, fitted with four independently operated stainless-steel shutters. These allow the beam to be shaped. The gate also contains guides to hold the optional iris diaphragm or gobo pattern holder, while front runners retain the colour frame, colour scroller or colour wheel.

The Zoom lenses on the three profile spotlights provide hard or soft focusing of the beam. The angle of beam varies – on the wide-angle 26°-45°, on the medium-angle unit 19°-39° and on the long-throw unit 6°-14°. Profiles are perfect for applications where a precisely lit area of virtually any shape is required. Etched stainless steel patterns (gobos) – custom designed, or from our large library stock – can be projected giving an endless choice of various effects. Toughened glass colour images can be made to your design – ideal for company or product logos.


Product Features


CCT Helios Z0608D Profile (150W 12,000 lm)
Minimum angle Maximum angle
Peak Candela (cd) 56,000 Peak Candela (cd) 27,200
Beam Angle² (°) Beam Angle² (°)
Cut off angle³ (°) 6.0 Cut off angle³ (°) 14.0
Distance (m) 3 6 9 12 Distance (m) 3 6 9 12
Cut off dia (m) 0.31 0.63 0.94 1.26 Cut off dia (m) 0.74 1.47 2.21 2.95
Peak Illumination (lux) 6,222 1,556 691 398 Peak Illumination (lux) 3,022 756 336 189

Typical performance based on Arcstream 150W Metal halide discharge 6000hr 3000K 12,000 lumen
All photometric data given is indicative of typical performance only. Specifications and materials may be changed without prior notice.
¹ Field Angle: where intensity drops to 10% of peak lux
² Beam Angle: where intensity drops to 50% of peak lux
³ Cut off Angle: where intensity drops to zero of peak lux

Product Specifications – Helios Profile 6-14 Degree


CCT Helios Z0608D Profile
Height¹ (mm) 292
Height² (mm) 190
Width (mm) 314
Depth (mm) 868
Weight (kg) 8.3

¹ Height of luminaire when in horizontal hanging position
² Height of luminaire excluding yoke


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