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Stage Track Runner is a versatile and efficient tool designed for professionals and enthusiasts who work on stage performances, such as theatre, dance, and music shows. It is a track runner system that allows for the smooth and precise movement of various stage elements, including scenery, curtains, and lighting fixtures. The ‘Runner’ can be customised to fit any stage layout, and it offers a wide range of speed and control options. With its durable and reliable construction, this system ensures safe and seamless performance. This product is an essential piece of equipment for any production that requires dynamic and seamless scene changes.


The STS080 & STS109 track runner is a sealed ball-bearing wheeled runner, manufactured from heavy-duty polypropylene.

Manufactured in two halves, the two pieces connect readily but allow for simple removal when required.

The runner allows curtains, scrims and cloths to be suspended from traditional cord or cotton sash ties. The runner is configured to carry 30 Kgs and is designed for use with both the STS075 and STS117 track.

Available in black (STS080) or white (STS109) polypropylene.

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