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23 January 2012:  SINGAPORE

Specialty Cinema is pleased to announce that its STS300 Series of fire-rated projection ports and fire shutters was recently granted Product Listing Scheme (PLS) status for the Singapore market after the completion of a rigorous inspection and certification process conducted by Exova Warringtonfire under the demanding Exova Certification and Inspection Services (ECI) scheme.

Projection ports
projection ports Singapore

“The process was like a mini ISO9000 certification and really got us thinking on how best to manufacture and install our fire ports,” said Brian Ross, General Manager.

STS300 Series fire-rated projection ports are used widely today in the cinema industry in Australia, Asia and the Middle East and are often required by law to separate a cinema projection room or bio box from the public auditorium.

The purpose of the device, which rapidly closes at the first sign of any fire, is to keep flame and smoke from spreading in the event of a fire in the projection room.  The closing of the shutter can be controlled either by a thermal fuse which trips in the presence of heat from the fire, or by a magnetic release mechanise controlled by the building’s central fire control and management system.

The STS300 Series is currently certified under the following fire safely regimes:

  • Australia: AS1530.4.2005 & AS1905.2.2005
  • Singapore PLS certification: SS489:2001
  • United Kingdom: BS476-22:198

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