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Specialty Cinema has been engaged to complete a full fit-out of the new cinema at Golden Village (GV) City Square Mall. ¬†Specialty’s scope of work will include the manufacture and installation of acoustic wall curtains made from wool theatre fabric. ¬†Specialty will also manufacture and install all the cinema screen frames as well as supply Spectro 3D silver and mat white cinema screen surfaces. ¬†Additionally, Specialty will supply and install Singapore PLS-certified fire-rated projection ports.

GV City Square Mall

Signbox Microsystems will install a total of 16, 55′ full HD commercial LCD displays to show e-posters in the new complex as well as 9, 40′ full HD screens for session times and candy bar displays.  Some of the screens will be configured as a video wall to enable multiple screens to act as one large screen as well as individual screens.  All screens will be controlled and managed by Signbox’s state-of-the-art digital signage network control system which enable full remote management of all functions. We were honoured to be apart of such a project at such a prestigious location like GV City Square Mall. To learn more, contact us today to discuss your next project with Specialty Cinema.

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